Thank you Dr. Paul!

Just a quick note to Dr. Paul Cameron.  - A testimonial, to a great guy and an AWESOME Chiropractor!

I never really believed in chiropractics before I met Paul back in 2007.  I've been to two other Chiropractors before, one at an open house - it felt like he had paralyzed me, he didn't do much of any preliminary checks, just told me to lean against the wall, picked up his knee and laid into me.  It hurt so much, and I couldn't move they had to have an ambulance come to my rescue.  Needless to say I never had that second visit and my non-belief in chiropractics grew!  Years later my then girlfriend (now wife) talked me into going to see her chiropractor.  No X-rays, just a quick look and he literally "adjusted" me the same way he adjusted her!  Every single visit we were both "adjusted" the same exact way.  Granted the endorphins would kick in and I felt great for a few hours.... but that's about it.
Then... one day I met Dr. Paul Cameron at BNI.  I listened to him explain his philosophy on chiropractics and how adjusting the spine regularly is similar to a routine health exam, after all - my spine needs to be healthy too!
Now I've had 2 shots at this so I wasn't too eager to try a 3rd.  But there was (and still is!) something different about Dr Paul, he educated me before he began adjusting my spine.  He gained my trust and explained what he was doing, why he was doing it, and the absolute benefits of what he was doing.  With each visit I learned something new I would never have thought about when it came to my posture, my back, my spine, and my overall good health!  I'll admit that I fell off his recommended regime, and to be perfectly honest it was because my insurance only covered about half the visits.  (I regret that now)

It's been nearly a year since my last visit to Dr. Paul as a patient.  I recently had some severe pain in my back, so much that I couldn't lie down, or even sit without being in pain.  I thought maybe a slipped disk or a really bad pinched nerve somewhere.  I was 100% certain that this was a problem I would have to go see my PCP about.  My wife even called them for me, but it was going to be a few days for me to get an appointment.  Because of the trust I have for Dr. Paul, and the amount of pain I was experiencing, I went to go see him a few days ago.  I gave him a brief description of my symptoms.... about 15 minutes later he was my hero!  The pain wasn't completely gone, and I didn't expect it to be, but I was confident in his ability to get me to be able to sit and not have the pain I was feeling before.  The rest of the day I felt better than I had in weeks, my range of motion was better, headache was just about gone, and I could drive my car to work and back without having to shift in my seat.

Two days later I went back to see him, again explained my discomfort - though concede that I probably didn't need to.  He did he checks on me, got me to relax a bit, and then worked his magic!  Well, I shouldn't really say "worked his magic", because it is certainly not magic...he put his education and philosophy to use and adjusted my spine to where I felt so good after, I ran to my car after I paid for my visit.  I haven't run in 6 months!  I was in the best mood I'd been in for a long time.  I felt... healthy and well!  And I owe it to a great guy and an AWESOME Chiropractor, Dr. Paul Cameron.

So.. Thanks Paul!  Me, my wife, and my family will be long time patients of yours!  I'm glad to have met you and happy to have you as my Chiropractor!
Steve Batchelder

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